Kevin Thomas was born in British colonial Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), in 1950. He spent much of his boyhood in the remote Sabi Valley where the wild environs would have an indelible effect on his life and ultimate career path. 

In 1967 at age 17, and after leaving Umtali Boys High School, he joined the Rhodesian Department of National Parks & Wildlife Management, under their two year cadet ranger training scheme and ultimately served as a game ranger for close on six years, three years of which were spent in the remote Zambezi Valley.

During this time he met his wife, Brenda, and after resigning from the department they ventured into a short lived safari operation, however due to the escalating Rhodesian bush war, forcing the business into closure, he decided to join the regular Rhodesian Army. As fate would have it, he ended up as one of the founder members of the Rhodesian Army's Selous Scouts, a formidable counter-insurgency unit. 

After five years regular Special Forces service, he departed the army in mid-1979 and once more turned to professional hunting and wildlife management in South Africa and Zimbabwe. In January 2004 and due to a slowing down in safari client flow he joined Erinys Iraq, where he served for two years as a Security Escort Team project lead. 


Tracking the Memory is Kevin's second book, following on the success of his first book Shadows in an African Twilight. 

Kevin is also an accomplished hunting writer and writes regularly for South Africa's
Magnum Magazine and Sporting Rifle in the UK, he has also previously written  for African Hunter magazine, and Successful Hunter. Writing aside, Kevin is still fully committed to safari in South Africa and Zimbabwe, and also enjoys wildlife art and photography.